ICEfaces Surpasses 1,000,000 Downloads!

DATE: December 4th, 2008

ICEfaces Surpasses 1,000,000 Downloads!
Over 55,000 developers and thousands of enterprise applications deployed.

CALGARY, ALBERTA – ICEsoft Technologies, Inc., the sponsors of the ICEfaces open source project, announced that a few days ago, an enterprise Java developer somewhere in the world, downloaded the one-millionth copy of ICEfaces! ICEfaces is a leading open source Ajax framework for developing and deploying Java EE applications that are rich, robust, secure, and scalable.

"One million downloads in two years is a great accomplishment for our community and us", states Brian McKinney, ICEsoft CEO. "We are thrilled with the adoption of ICEfaces and will continue to work hard to maintain ICEfaces as the leading Ajax solution for Enterprise Java.”

Beyond downloads, the ICEfaces community now also counts over 55,000 registered developers worldwide and these developers are responsible for deploying thousands of enterprise applications worldwide.

The main reason behind the success of ICEfaces is it's close alignment with Java EE standards. ICEfaces is a complete rich Internet application (RIA) development and deployment solution that is more accessible to existing Java EE developers than conventional AJAX solutions because it is based on established Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) standards. ICEfaces integrates with leading Java development tools, and interoperates with the leading application servers and Java EE middleware. ICEfaces applications are Java applications, not JavaScript applications.

Ajax Push - Another key factor in the success of ICEfaces

ICEfaces was developed from the ground up as a standards-compliant solution for developing interactive and collaborative multi-user applications using Ajax Push technology (aka Comet). ICEsoft pioneered Ajax Push, which allows presentation changes to be asynchronously pushed from the application server to the browser client. ICEfaces' Ajax Push technology enables a new breed of rich enterprise applications that provide instant feedback to application users when server-side application events occur.

"We've seen tremendous adoption of ICEfaces and Ajax Push across all sectors of industry", says McKinney. ICEfaces is now being used by more than 66% of Forbes Global and Fortune 100 companies, and half of them utilize Ajax Push. We are truly excited about the momentum of ICEfaces. Here’s to the next million!”

Download the latest version of ICEfaces here:

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