ICEfaces Evolves Integration with NetBeans IDE and GlassFish

DATE: December 17, 2008

ICEfaces Evolves Integration with NetBeans IDE and GlassFish
Providing Migration Path for “Project Woodstock” JSF components

CALGARY, Canada – December 17, 2008 – ICEsoft Technologies and the NetBeans™ Community today announced support of the ICEfaces™ open source Ajax framework in the development and deployment of rich, JavaServer Faces™ (JSF) applications using the NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and GlassFish™ application server.

With more than 55,000 ICEfaces developers worldwide and more than 1 million downloads, ICEfaces is the leading open source JSF Ajax frameworks for developing Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE) applications that are rich, robust, secure, and scalable.

ICEfaces extends JSF application support by providing automatic Ajax capabilities while preserving the server-side Java EE programming model thus reducing the need for low-level JavaScript development.

“ICEfaces delivers a comprehensive enterprise-class JavaServer Faces solution that complements Sun’s enterprise software infrastructure. The seamless integration of ICEfaces with NetBeans and GlassFish provides developers with a powerful open source Java technology-based solution for the development and deployment of Web 2.0 applications," said Arseniy Kuznetsov, NetBeans Director of Engineering, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

NetBeans is a free, open-source IDE for software developers that provides an exceptional environment for the development of JSF-based applications. Combined with ICEfaces, NetBeans allows web application developers to conform to the standard Java technology design patterns, accessing databases and Web services behind dynamic HTML interfaces.

In addition, ICEfaces offers several major enhancements to GlassFish, the Sun sponsored open source application server. ICEfaces 1.7.1 introduced the central Ajax Push Engine that allows a single instance of GlassFish/Grizzly to support multiple ICEfaces Ajax Push applications, all sharing the Grizzly Asynchronous Request Processing engine. An auto-detect feature has also been added to seamlessly auto-configure the Ajax Push Engine on GlassFish, which greatly simplifies the task of deploying ICEfaces Ajax Push applications with GlassFish.

“ICEfaces has always provided strong integration with NetBeans, so developers can easily use the visual design, or Facelet editor to build ICEfaces applications,” says Steve Maryka, CTO at ICEsoft. “The tight integration of ICEfaces with GlassFish makes it easy to deploy ICEfaces applications to GlassFish, and to leverage advanced Ajax Push capabilities.”

Project Woodstock to ICEfaces Migration The most recent release of ICEfaces (v1.7.2SP1) enhances the migration of existing Project Woodstock applications to ICEfaces. With the latest ICEfaces NetBeans plugin, it is now possible to add the ICEfaces framework to an existing Woodstock project, and begin to develop ICEfaces pages along side existing Woodstock pages.

Maryka continues, “This facilitates an evolutionary approach to migration, where Woodstock pages can be incrementally replaced with ICEfaces without compromising existing functionality of the applications.”

A comprehensive porting guide is also available to assists developers through the migration process, and additional migration utilities are planned for subsequent ICEfaces releases. To find out how to migrate your project Woodstock applications to ICEfaces, visit:

Product Availability
The latest release of ICEfaces is available here:
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ICEsoft Technologies, Inc., is the leading provider of standards-compliant, Ajax-based solutions for developing and deploying Java EE, rich Internet applications. The company’s portfolio of enterprise level Java products includes ICEfaces, an Ajax application framework that enables Java EE application developers to easily create and deploy thin-client rich web applications in pure Java. Visit

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