ICEfaces 2 – Next Generation Open Source AJAX / JSF Development

DATE: January 11th, 2011

ICEsoft Announces ICEfaces 2 – Next Generation Open Source AJAX/JSF Development

A Powerful New Framework for Developing Rich, Collaborative Java EE Applications

Calgary – JAN 11, 2011ICEsoft Technologies Inc., a leading global provider of open source enterprise Java technologies and the sponsor of the award winning ICEfaces open source Ajax/JSF framework, is pleased to announce the availability of ICEfaces 2.

ICEfaces 2 is an open-source Rich Internet Application (RIA) development framework based on the JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2 standard. Like its predecessor, ICEfaces 1.8, ICEfaces 2 extends JSF to simplify development and enhance the standard JSF feature set - simultaneously improving developer efficiency and expanding the spectrum of RIA capabilities that can be included in any JSF-based web application.

“ICEfaces 2 is much more than a suite of rich components,” states Steve Maryka, CTO ICEsoft Technologies Inc. “ICEfaces 2 is a powerful Ajax/JSF framework with innovative capabilities like Ajax Push and Automatic Ajax that will redefine how rich enterprise applications are developed, and what they can do.” 

What’s New in ICEfaces 2
ICEfaces 2 provides some key feature enhancements over JSF 2, while inheriting all the new features available in JSF 2.

  • Automatic Ajax - all Java development, no JavaScript
  • Ajax Push real-time, web-based collaboration is now easier than ever
  • Facelets now first-class citizen and principle view declaration language in JSF 2
  • Comprehensive composite component model enables easy development of components
  • Ajax request processing and partial page updates incorporated into the JSF lifecycle
  • Partial State Saving drastically reducing state saving overhead
  • Broader support for system events
  • Improved navigation support includes implicit, conditional and preemptive navigation
  • HTTP GET now fully supported in the JSF lifecycle
  • New scopes, and support for custom scopes
  • Simplified annotations configuration
  • Standardized resource loading
  • Improved exception handling

More detailed information on what’s new in ICEfaces 2 is available here:

"We are very excited about the release of ICEfaces 2.  It represents considerable investment by ICEsoft and offers extraordinary capability and value to the 120,000 enterprise developers making up our open-source and enterprise communities,” says Brian McKinney, President and CEO of ICEsoft. “ICEfaces 2 is specifically tailored to fit the needs and wants of organizations seeking a robust, and production-ready RIA framework that will perform and scale.”

Availability, Community and Licensing:
ICEfaces 2 is available now: Developers get all the advantages of a vibrant open source community including a well-exercised code base, developer forums, and a wiki loaded with documentation and tutorials. ICEfaces is also enterprise grade software that is deployed in a wide range of Fortune 500 companies.  ICEfaces is still available to all under the very liberal Mozilla Public (MPL) license.

About ICEsoft Technologies and ICEfaces:
ICEsoft Technologies Inc., is a leading global provider of open source enterprise Java technologies. ICEsoft is the proud sponsor of:
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