ICEfaces and ICEmobile EE are WebSphere© App Server, WebSphere Portal, and Rational© Ready

DATE: May 8, 2012

Powerful Enterprise and Mobile JSF Solutions for IBM WebSphere and Rational

Calgary, AB Canada – May 8, 2012 ICEsoft Technologies Inc., a leading global supplier of open source technologies for enterprise, is pleased to announce that ICEfaces and ICEmobile Enterprise Editions (EE) are now fully compatible with IBM WebSphere, and Rational software products.

ICEfaces EE is a Rich Internet Application (RIA) solution for enterprise. Based on Java Server Faces (JSF) 2, ICEfaces provides enterprises with the industry’s most powerful, standards-based framework for easy development of rich, dynamic, and collaborative web applications. ICEmobile EE enables developers to quickly and easily extend their web-based ICEfaces applications to mobile devices.

Java Enterprise standards are at the heart of ICEfaces and ICEmobile, so Java developers can leverage existing core competencies, development tools, and best practices to deliver solutions that dramatically reduce development cost and complexity, while enabling better user experiences across enterprise desktop and mobile devices.

“ICEfaces and ICEmobile allow developers to build and deploy powerful Rich Internet Applications with the IBM WebSphere middleware platform, and the Rational development tools", says Brian McKinney, CEO at ICEsoft. “ICEfaces and ICEmobile are engineered for and tested against IBM's Java EE software stack, so whether you are running a simple application on a single server instance, or a sophisticated Ajax Push-based application in a WebSphere Portal environment with high-availability clustering, your deployment will be fully supported.”

ICEfaces and ICEmobile, have been optimized to fully support and integrate with IBM WebSphere Application Server 7/8, WebSphere Portal 7, Rational Application Developer (RAD) 8, and Rational System Architect (RSA) 8 software.

Ajax Push, Clustering and Failover
ICEfaces and ICEmobile-Faces share a common core framework, which includes innovative features such as Ajax Push and Automatic Ajax. Specifically, the Enterprise Push Server (EPS) integrates with the IBM WebSphere software to provide highly scalable and highly available clustering of Ajax Push-enabled ICEfaces and ICEmobile applications.

"Ajax Push allows any application to incrementally update any part of the page at any time, for any group of clients. This is a small change in terms of the technical capabilities of Ajax applications, but it is a revolutionary change in terms of what applications can actually provide to users", says Steve Maryka, CTO at ICEsoft. “The ICEfaces Enterprise Push Server manages asynchronous blocking connections across the cluster and performs seamless failover for mission-critical, high-availability deployments on IBM WebSphere software. This is a very powerful combination for many of our enterprise customers.”

About ICEsoft Technologies
ICEsoft Technologies Inc. is a commercial open source company and a leading global provider of rich Internet application solutions for desktop and mobile enterprise. Founded in 2001, ICEsoft products are used by over 10,000 enterprises and 150,000 developers worldwide.

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