What's New in ICEpdf 4.0

ICEpdf v4.0 is a certified production release that introduces important new features such as PDF document editing and saving, text selection and clipboard functions, and search result highlighting. Here is a complete list of notable improvements and enhancements included in this release:

Rendering Core

  • Document Editing - ICEpdf now supports document editing and saving for Link Annotation edits.
  • Text Selection - Support for text selection and clipboard functions is introduced in this release.
  • Search Result Highlighting - Search results are now highlighted in the pages that they occur in.
  • Support for JBIG2 image compression.
  • Improved text extraction and text searching accuracy.
  • Improvements to CMYK alternate colour space parsing.
  • Improvements to OS font substitution logic to better match document specified fonts to available system fonts.
  • Reduced memory consumption and significantly improved rendering performance.
  • Improved performance of multi-page view page initialization.
  • Text layout and clipping fixes for xform content streams.
  • Fixed long standing image issue where some images showed red and blue color switching.
  • Fixed CMAP parser bug which prevent page contents from rendering correctly.
  • Page initialization and page painter threads are now daemons to ensure property JVM exiting.
  • Fixed a rare condition where shared resources could be cleared in a low memory environment.
  • Bouncy Castle jars are no longer required for Adobe Standard Encryption support.

Viewer Application

  • New multi-page text selection tool and system clipboard copying.
  • Search results utility pane now shows search results contextually.
  • Search results are now shown in a highlighted state in the document page view.
  • New Link Annotation tool for creating new annotations.
  • New Select Tool for selecting existing document annotations.
  • New ability to view / edit / delete link annotations and attributes using the ICEpdf Viewer RI utility pane.
  • Preliminary language support: Danish, Dutch, Finish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish & Swedish.
  • New Mac OSX UI compatibility improvements (keyboard shortcuts, App menu support, etc.).
  • RI toolbar now wraps as necessary when the parent frame is resized. Fit-To-Width view type no longer displays scrollbars.
  • Refined Viewer RI focus management to resolve several focus management issues.

Example Applications

  • New Automated Annotation Creation Example Uses the Search API to find text matches.
  • Text matches are converted to annotations with predefined GoTo, Launch or URI actions.
  • New Search API Example Shows how to configure a multiple term search.
  • Opens the viewer RI with search results highlighted.
  • New multi-page fax TIFF capture example.
  • New Ant build script for Applet example.


  • The ICEpdf Developer's is now available online:

    - Includes an in-depth discussion of the ICEpdf architecture and key concepts.
    - Discussion of common ICEpdf use-cases and relevant reference and examples.
    - Reference materials related to APIs, configuration and examples.

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