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ICEfaces EE Deployment Guides

Enterprise Deployment Guide

The Enterprise Deployment Guide contains all the information you will need to achieve highly-scalable, highly-available clustered deployments of ICEfaces applications. This guide covers the basic considerations for clustered deployments including load balancing and fail over capabilities. It also covers additional considerations when Ajax Push is used in clustered deployments. This guide also provides detailed configuration information for a wide range of open source and commercial deployment environments. The ICEfaces EE Enterprise Deployment Guide covers the following topics:

Clustered Push Development Guide

Development of Ajax Push applications is straightforward with ICEfaces, but when you intend to deploy Ajax Push-enabled applications into a clustered environment there are several additional programming considerations that must be addressed. This guide explains these considerations, and provides a tutorial and working example that illustrates a proper implementation. The Clustered Push Development Guide covers the following topics:

ICEfaces EE Deployment Guides are published on the ICEpack Wiki.

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