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ICEfaces Functional and Load Testing

Functional Testing with Selenium

Selenium is a suite of tools for testing Web Applications that has proven effective for functional testing of ICEfaces applications. The Functional Testing with Selenium guide provided in ICEfaces EE provides an introduction to developing test scripts for ICEfaces applications, and organizing those scripts into a test suite for cross-browser regression testing. The Functional Testing with Selenium guide covers the following topics:

Load Testing

ICEfaces EE provides several facilities for load testing ICEfaces applications and specifically Ajax Push applications including:

Load Testing with JMeter

Apache JMeter provides load testing capabilities for web applications, and is well-suited to testing many aspects of ICEfaces applications. JMeter facilitates recording of complex UI interactions, and has proven to be effective for load testing user interaction and navigation aspects of ICEfaces applications.

ICEfaces EE contains the complete test suite for ICEfaces sample applications used to test the ICEfaces product release itself, so you have lots of working examples to learn from.

The Load Testing with JMeter guide includes an extensive tutorial on JMeter testing of ICEfaces applications, including working examples of JMeter test scripts. In addition, this guide covers the following topics:

Load Testing with Java Test Client

The ICEfaces Java Test Client is a custom Java test tool that provides an extensible client for testing ICEfaces applications. Working in Java, you can develop simulated clients that perform several important client server interactions, including the precise simulation of the Ajax Push mechanism in ICEfaces. This makes the Java Test Client well suited to simulating passive clients for load testing of Ajax Push scenarios. The Java Test Client can also be used in conjunction with JMeter to develop sophisticated scenarios for collaborative application testing that include both consumers and producers of Ajax Push events. The Load Testing with Java Test Client guide contains a detailed tutorial with working examples and source code, and covers the following topics:

Load Testing with Neoload from Neotys

Neotys develops software solutions to improve the quality and performance of web-based applications. Its flagship solution, NeoLoad, is now integrated with ICEfaces to test the performance of ICEfaces, and ICEfaces Ajax Push applications. ICEfaces EE subscribers receive a 10% discount on Neoload products.