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ICEfaces EE Overview

ICEfaces EE is Enterprise JSF Ready!

Enterprise JSF

ICEfaces EE supported subscriptions provide you with access to the ICEfaces EE certified software and resources, peace of mind that your application is mobile ready, plus, second to none expert support that will reduce your application development time, and ensure successful enterprise-grade deployment of your ICEfaces EE applications.

EE Certified Software

EE Certified Software

ICEfaces EE is updated on a managed, quality-assured release cycle that will allow you to plan for upgrades in advance, reducing time and expense, while minimizing deployment risk. ICEfaces EE software updates and patches are released frequently, ensuring that you always have access to the most recent code base for worry-free performance. Enterprise JSF developers choose ICEfaces EE.

ICEfaces EE includes a suite of enterprise JSF ready software and advanced documentation that will enhance your ICEfaces project lifecycle from development, to testing, and deployment. ICEfaces EE Certified Software includes:

EE Components
Enterprise Ajax Push & Scalability
Browser Optimizations
  • The 'Core Framework Extensions' library included in ICEfaces EE provides performance optimizations on legacy versions of Internet Explorer (6/7).
PortletFaces Bridge Extensions
  • Bridge Extensions library that adds features required to support commercial portal containers.

Best-in-class JSF Mobility

Mobile Ready

Developers can now easily extend their ICEfaces EE applications to mobile devices with ICEmobile. ICEmobile is a JSF-based development environment for mobile RIA development. With ICEmobile, enterprise developers can easily extend desktop ICEfaces EE apps to the look, feel, and capabilities of the mobile devices they are accessed from. Whether you are planning on extending your ICEfaces application to mobile devices now, or in the future, ICEfaces EE is mobile–ready!

Key features and benefits of ICEmobile include:

  • Provide web-based user interfaces that match the look and feel of native applications
  • Automatically adapt to different mobile platforms including iOS, Android, & Blackberry
  • Leverage HTML5/CSS3 capabilities of mobile browsers wherever possible
  • Provide access to native device capabilities not currently available in HTML5
  • Minimize client resource and bandwidth requirements
  • Produce enterprise-strength deployments that conform to Java Enterprise standards
  • Leverage existing enterprise Java development techniques, tools, and developer skills
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Key features and benefits of ICEmobile EE include:

  • Mobile-aware Ajax Push
  • Cloud Push notification support
  • Device container configuration and branding
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Enterprise Support

Enterprise Support

Our team of experts is here to help. We can help you maximize the stability, availability, and performance of your entire solution by harnessing the strength of our global engineering team. Under our guidance, you will be able to implement, operate, and innovate. Get peace of mind that our technical team will be there to assist you every step of the way. Choose from one of the many ICEfaces EE Subscriptions.

Java EE Interoperability and Support

ICEfaces EE is tested and fully supported against the most extensive matrix of Java EE technologies, commercial and open source; more so than any other JavaServer Faces technology on the market, by far. On the client-side, ICEfaces EE supports all the major browsers, including special optimizations for challenging legacy browser (IE 6/7), as well as a host of Mobile browsers. Find out more...

Committed Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Built into the support plans are comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which further detail our commitment to supporting our customers.

Self-service Support Portal

Our Self-service Support Portal allows you to engage just the right level of support for your business needs. Upload all the relevant details and evidence for rapid response.

Priority Escalation plus emergency Patches, and Custom Builds

A support escalation procedure is in place to ensure that the appropriate level of expertise—up to and including interaction with the developers of the software, is applied to the problem at hand. Higher tiers of support will see to it that the problem is rectified quickly with prompt delivery of emergency patches and custom builds.

Consulting and Professional Services

It's not always clear and obvious where the problem lies. Consulting hours allow our professional services and support teams to jump right in and get challenging issues resolved regardless of their dependencies. Most EE subscriptions include flexible consulting hours that can be directly applied towards:

  • Architectural Review
  • Performance Optimizations
  • Best Practices
  • Custom Development, and more

Testing Resources

Testing Resources

As your ICEfaces project progresses, functional and load testing activities become critical to the completion of development, and position you for successful deployment of the completed application. ICEfaces EE includes tools and know-how for developing and executing an effective test strategy for your ICEfaces EE applications, including both functional and load testing capabilities. Learn from and leverage the same testing techniques used by the ICEfaces development team to test the framework itself. Find out more...

ICEfaces Testing Resources include:

  • Functional Testing with Selenium
  • Load Testing with JMeter
  • Load Testing with Java Test Client

Enterprise Proven, and Secure

Community and Customers

With over 2M product downloads, and a developer community exceeding 140,000 developers, ICEfaces is the industry leader for Enterprise JSF development. ICEfaces is already being used by more than 67% of Forbes Global and Fortune 100 companies. Find out Who is Using ICEfaces.

Robust Security

ICEfaces EE compliments the basic security architecture of (ICEfaces Open Source) with certified integrations against security middleware like JAAS, Spring Security, and Seam Security. Additionally, SSL configurations are fully supported, and extend to the Enterprise Push Server to completely secure Ajax Push-enabled deployments.

License Indemnification

Ensuring indemnification is a standard part of doing business for large organizations. ICEsoft will indemnify the user of ICEfaces EE Certified software if a third-party patent holder claims that ICEsoft and users of the ICEfaces EE software infringe the patent-holder's intellectual property rights.