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ICEmobile EE Overview

Enterprise-ready Ajax Mobile Web Applications

Create Enterprise-Ready Rich Mobile Applications

ICEmobile EE offers more enterprise-ready features for the development of web-based Java mobile applications including broader platform support, and the Enterprise Push Server for high-availability clustered deployments of web-based java mobile applications. More specifically, ICEmobile EE provides:

Mobile-aware Ajax Push

An adaptive heartbeating mechanism ensures that Ajax Push works reliably under changing mobile network conditions. It also ensures that the Ajax Push mechanisms minimized device power consumption by seeking the longest possible heartbeating interval that will function reliably.

Cloud Push Device Connectors

Augment Cloud Push capabilities with device-specific, server-side connectors for Apple, Android, and Blackberry. The connectors integrate directly with Device Containers to deliver user notifications from web-based java mobile applications to devices, even when the application is not actively being used. This means you can deliver critical information to your users under almost any conditions.

Read more about the cloud push mechanisms for building device-specific rich mobile applications:

Device Container Configuration and Branding

ICEmobile enables Enterprise Java developers to build ajax mobile web applications without needing to learn native mobile development environments, but what about customizing and branding Device Containers? EE customers benefit from container configuration and branding services that provide you with customized versions of the containers that meet your specific requirements. Stay focused on your rich mobile applications, and we will supply the branded containers that you need to easily build revolutionary web-based java mobile applications.

ICEmobile EE for JSF/ICEfaces Integration is now available as part of ICEfaces EE.

ICEmobile EE for JSP/Spring MVC Integration is coming soon.