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ICEpdf Pro Overview

ICEpdf Pro includes all the features and benefits of the open source version plus:

Java PDF Apps

Font Engine

ICEpdf open source is configured to perform font substitution when the Font Engine is not present at runtime. The results of font substitution will vary depending on the types of fonts that are embedded in the PDF document. The ICEpdf Pro Font Engine provides support for all embedded font types as well as TrueType font hinting.

Parsing Engine

ICEpdf Pro includes an enhanced content parser which significantly reduces the time it takes to parse and render page content (~10x acceleration with certain PDF files). The Pro content parser is not only faster but also more robust, anticipating instructions and even correcting malformed content streams.

Annotation Persistence

ICEpdf open source provides a rich set of annotation tools to create edit and delete annotations. The ICEpdf Pro library extends the annotation editing capability by enabling annotation write support of newly created, edited or deleted annotations. Annotation updates are appended to the end of the document (Incremental updates) leaving the original contents intact. Incremental updates update the file without rewriting it in its entirety providing fast and efficient saves.

Interactive Forms

ICEpdf PRO includes a rich set of interactive form components that allow users to easily interact with buttons, text fields and choice fields. All data changes are immediately converted into new appearance streams so that form values can easily be printed or saved. Focus management and keyboard shortcuts make data entry easy and efficient. Similar to annotation support incremental updates are used to apply the new documents changes providing fast and efficient saves.

Enterprise Ready Java PDF Apps

ICEpdf Pro is a certified code-base tested against a comprehensive matrix of operating environments and submitted to a rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) process. ICEpdf Pro is backed by our professional team of developers and support engineers who are committed to the success of your Java PDF apps. Choose from one of the following support options. Used by 1000's of enterprises around the globe, ICEpdf Pro is proven enterprise technology. Build Java PDF apps like never before!


ICEpdf Pro is updated on a managed, quality assured release cycle. With a managed release cycle you can plan for upgrades in advance, reducing time and expense while minimizing deployment risk.


In development for over 10 years, ICEpdf Pro is deployed in a wide-range of mission critical java PDF apps at various Fortune 500 companies, including Lufthansa Systems, SunGard Financial, SAP, IBM... just to name a few.