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ICEfaces JSF Components

RIAs are built from rich components. ICEfaces provides an industry-leading array of 125 rich JSF components from which to craft your user interfaces.

JSF JQuery

ACE Components

The all-new ACE* component library is entirely open-source and features over 40+ new components, including a new industry-leading data table. The ACE components utilize a blend of server-side and client-based rendering techniques, and are fully optimized to leverage the advanced new capabilities of JSF 2.
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JSF Components

MOBI Components

The ICEfaces MOBI Component Suite provides all the UI controls you need to build mobile web-applications that deliver a native device user experience consistently across all of the most popular mobile device platforms.
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* The ACE components are further supported by an Advanced Development Environment (ACE) of utilities, tools, and APIs, which enable developers to implement a consistent approach to JSF component authoring, meta-data management, and automation and optimization of common JSF component development tasks.

More information on all the ICEfaces components is available on the ICEfaces wiki.