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ICEfaces Features and Benefits

ICEfaces provides features and benefits that allow enterprises to reduce costs, while extending application functionality and capability.

Open Source Java RIA

Java RIA

ICEfaces is an open source project licensed under the Apache 2 license, so you can develop and deploy with it without any commercial licensing restrictions. You get all the advantages of a vibrant open source community including a well-exercised code base, developer forums, and a wiki loaded with documentation and tutorials.

Web Collaboration - Ajax Push

Ajax Push is a revolutionary feature pioneered in ICEfaces that enables real-time, web-based collaboration. With Ajax Push, page updates can be asynchronously "pushed" to the client browser, informing the user instantaneously of any state change in the application.
Find out more about Ajax Push.

Enterprise Grade

ICEfaces is an enterprise grade Java RIA solution that is deployed by a wide range of Fortune 500 companies.
If you need the assurance of professional support, you will get that and more from ICEfaces Enterprise Edition (EE).
With EE you get additional software, documentation, and deployment technologies like the Enterprise Push Server (EPS).
Learn more about the features and benefits of ICEfaces EE.

Best-in-class Mobility

Developers can easily extend their ICEfaces Java RIAs to mobile devices with ICEmobile. ICEmobile is a JSF-based development environment for mobile RIA development. It offers cost advantages and features capabilities not available to conventional native or web-based mobile applications. Find out more...

  • Native Look and Feel
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Cross-platform (iOS, Android, & Blackberry)
  • Native Device Integration
  • Mobile Push
  • Enterprise Core

Compliance & Compatibility

ICEfaces is 100% compliant with the JSF 2 Specification, and uses only standard JSF 2 extension points. This means that ICEfaces has no 3rd-party library dependencies outside those specified in the Java EE 6 Web Profile. It also means that ICEfaces will integrate seamlessly with any JSF 2 compliant middleware and components (with well-behaved JavaScript).

Portal Integration

ICEfaces supports the broadest range of open-source and commercial portal technologies in the industry. ICEfaces is fully tested, and ships with the PortletFaces Bridge. The PortetFaces Bridge is specialized glue-code that enables developers to seamlessly add ICEfaces applications to any Portal 2 container. Furthermore, developers can take full advantage of Ajax Push to enable true Inter-Portlet Communication. Find out more...

Automatic Ajax

Automatic Ajax

ICEfaces Automatic Ajax feature guarantees minimal page updates under any condition, and does not require the page developer to consider how, when or why page updates occur. The key to Automatic Ajax is the use of Direct-to-DOM (D2D) rendering in the ICEfaces framework.

Superior Components & Best JSF Datatable

JSF Datatable

Rich Java RIAs are built from rich components. ICEfaces provides an industry-leading array of 125+ rich JSF components from which to craft your user interfaces, including the new industry-leading ACE JSF Datatable. ICEfaces offers 3 Component libraries to choose from; ICE Components, ACE Components, and EE Components (commercial). See the ACE JSF Datatable, and the other ACE Components in action in the ACE Showcase.

Familiar Tools

  • Eclipse - Plugin which automatically sets up your project, and more.
  • NetBeans - ICEfaces 1.x, 2.x, and 3 project integration plugins for NetBeans available.
  • MyEclipse - ICEfaces is integrated with MyEclipse out of the box.
  • Maven - ICEfaces is in the central Maven repository.
  • Ant - Integration is provided for automated build systems.