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ICEfaces MOBI Component Library

Components for Rich Mobile Web Applications!

The ICEfaces MOBI Component Suite provides all the UI controls you need to build mobile web-applications that deliver a native device user experience consistently across all of the most popular mobile device platforms. Used in combination with BridgeIt, developers can also access native device features directly from their web-based applications allowing the to develop rich hybrid mobile apps using their traditional web-based development environments.

Rich User Interface Design

HTML5 Components

ICEfaces MOBI components leverage the latest HTML5/CSS3 features implemented in modern mobile browsers. The suite incorporates a wide spectrum of HTML5 mobile development controls including input, multimedia, geolocation, and layout controls for rich user interface design.

Responsive Design

ICEfaces MOBI components detect the device browser and platform characteristics, and automatically adapt to provide the look and feel appropriate for the device. Device-specific CSS allows you to easily tailor your rich mobile web applications precisely to your desired look and feel for each supported mobile device type. A single web-page is now all you need to support multiple device platforms and environments.

Rich Mobile Web Applications

Hybrid Mobility

Working in conjunction with BridgeIt, ICEfaces mobile designers can now tap into native device features such as camera, QR / Scan Code and contact list: all directly from their web-based applications. Developers can leverage BridgeIt’s easy-to-use APIs to develop rich hybrid mobile apps without every having to worry about the headaches associated with app store deployment, or the challenges of supporting and managing a distributed application environment.

A Growing Suite

The ICEfaces MOBI Component Suite is continually growing, with new components introduced every release. The current suite includes:

  • Layout and Navigation: Accordion, Carousel, Device Themes, Fieldset, Lists, ContentPane, ContentStack, PagePanel, Panel Confirmation, Panel Popup, Submit Notification, TabSet, ViewSelector
  • Input and Selection: Buttons, Flip Switch, Geolocation, HTML5 Input, Time Spinner, Date Spinner, QR code generator, MenuButton
  • Media: Audio, Image, Video
  • And more...

Try Them Out

The best way to understand what the ICEfaces MOBI Component Suite can provide for your rich mobile web applications is to try them out for yourself. Check out the ICEfaces Component Showcase to see all the components in action. Or view them in the MOBI Device Simulator demo to see how they look and feel across different settings.