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ICEfaces Overview

RIA for Java EE Web and Mobile Applications

Java Ajax Development Framework

ICEfaces is an open-source Rich Internet Application (RIA) development framework for Java EE. It improves developer efficiency all while reducing time to market and operating costs. It’s rich features and capabilities allow developers to do more within the confines of a legacy infrastructure than can be imagined.

Ready for Mobile:
ICEfaces is the simplest and most cost effective way for companies to mobilize their Java EE web-applications. The ICEfaces component libraries leverage the latest in HTML5 as well as Responsive / Adaptive design techniques so a single page can be viewed optimally across a wide range of devices. Beyond components, Cloud Push delivers the next generation of push technologies. Now, users can be alerted to application updates even when they are not connected.

Rich Components
Rich Internet Applications are built from rich components. ICEfaces delivers with our ICEfaces Advanced Component Suite (ACE)

ICEfaces components support the latest in accessibility standards and are deliver consistent look and feel across the broadest range of browsers in the industry. Learn more about the ICEfaces component libraries and see them in action in the ICEfaces Showcase.

A Powerful Framework
But ICEfaces is much more than a suite of rich components. Innovative framework features simplify development and transcend the capabilities of standard Java EE. In particular, two key ICEfaces JSF framework features, Automatic Ajax and Cloud Push, will reshape your thinking about how RIA's are developed with Java, and what they can do. Learn more about all the powerful ICEfaces JSF framework features.

Rapid RIA Development in Java, not JavaScript
ICEfaces application development is essentially Java EE / JavaServer Faces development, which promotes a component-based architecture using familiar tag-based declarative UI definition, and dynamic data binding into the server-resident application data model. ICEfaces provides application developers with a familiar Java Enterprise development model that completely shelters them from the complexities of low-level Ajax development in JavaScript.

Extending the Life of Legacy Infrastructure
We understand the challenges of trying to develop applications that deliver the newest features and capabilities all while you have to face very real world constraints regarding installed base technologies and existing infrastructure. ICEfaces supports the broadest range of browser vintages and Java EE middleware in the industry. Check out the ICEfaces Supported Platforms page to see how you can deliver new capabilities to legacy environments.

Commercial Open Source
ICEfaces is available in both open source and commercial enterprise versions. If you are comfortable going it alone feel free to access our open source version and avail yourself of our tutorials, documentation, sample apps and forums to get up and going. Alternatively if you have special needs, or require more robust / certified software versions with enterprise specific features and full SLA coverage check our ICEfaces Enterprise Edition. Comparisons and pricing information are both readily available.