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ICEfaces Push Technology

Ajax Push

Ajax Push allows the application to incrementally update any part of the page at any time, for any group of clients. This is a small change in terms of the technical capabilities of Ajax applications, but it is a revolutionary change in terms of what applications can actually provide to users. Ajax Push is the key to building collaborative, multi-user applications for the web.
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Cloud Push

Cloud Push delivers server-generated, real-time notifications to mobile devices, alerting the user about something of relevance. With ICEfaces applications, Cloud Push is activated automatically for any client that is not actively engaged with the application, so you can always get important information to all your users, active or not. There are two main aspects of Cloud Push, aligning with the client/server nature of the protocol.
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In ICEfaces EE, the Enterprise Push Server (EPS) is built to manage single Ajax Push blocking connection(s) with the client browser and share it with any number of deployed ICEfaces applications and portlets, in both stand-alone and clustered deployments. The Enterprise Push Server delivers key additional features targeted at large-scale and high-availability enterprise deployments.
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