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ICEfaces Technology

Not all technologies are created equal. Take a closer look under the hood and see for yourself why ICEfaces is the most innovative and powerful JSF Framework on the planet.

Automatic Ajax

ICEfaces includes several innovative features such as Single Submit, Direct-to-DOM Rendering, and Partial Page Updates that cumulatively result in Automatic Ajax, completely eliminating the need for developers to wire page updates together using standard JSF <f:ajax> tags. Find out more about Automatic Ajax.

Ajax Push

Real-time collaboration is supported in ICEfaces through the Ajax Push mechanisms, which facilitates asynchronously pushing page updates to client browsers without the need for a user-initiated submission. This means that users of the application can be informed instantaneously whenever a state change occurs in the application. Find out more about Ajax Push.

Resource Management

ICEfaces extends the JSF framework to assist in resource management. ICEfaces includes new annotations for adjusting the behavior of View-scoped beans. While View scope is a welcome addition for managing the lifecycle of beans, the behavior of View scope may not be intuitive in certain scenarios. Specifically, the annotations allow you to control the behavior of view-scoped beans across repeated navigation to the same view, and during view disposal.

Scoped Resource Registry

The ResourceRegistry allows an application to register javax.faces.application.Resource instances at run time. Each Resource is registered in a specified scope (Application, Session, View, Flash, or Window) so that the resource can be garbage collected when the scope expires.

Streamlined Configuration

JSF 2 simplifies configuration by leveraging annotations, and ICEfaces conforms to this strategy, streamlining configuration in several areas. The ICEfaces-specific servlets and many of the configuration parameters in ICEfaces 1.x are no longer necessary with ICEfaces. This makes it even quicker and easier to add ICEfaces to your JSF application, and greatly reduces the possibility of lost productivity due to minor configuration errors.

Window Scope

ICEfaces introduces a new custom scope called Window Scope, which is designed to fill a gap in the existing scopes available for JSF 2, as it exists for the life of a browser window or tab, including surviving reloads and refreshes.