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Woodstock to ICEfaces Migration

Sun Microsystems' Project Woodstock is being end-of-lifed, and ICEfaces is the technology of choice for the Woodstock community to migrate toward for a number of reasons.

Migration Strategy

The philosophy behind the Woodstock to ICEfaces migration strategy is simple - allow Woodstock developers to maintain their existing Woodstock applications, and provide a path of least resistance to migrate ongoing development efforts to ICEfaces. There is no intention to support the entire Woodstock feature-set in ICEfaces, although some of the most widely used features will find their way into ICEfaces. The key requirements that the migration strategy satisfies include:

What Can You Do Today?

As of the NetBeans 6.5 and ICEfaces 1.7.2SP1 releases, key elements of the migration strategy have already been satisfied. Specifically, you can take an existing Woodstock application, add the ICEfaces framework, and begin developing ICEfaces pages along side your existing Woodstock pages. Have a look at the online tutorials to see how easy it is to get started. ICEfaces has always provided strong integration with NetBeans, so you can continue to use the visual design, or facelet editor depending on your preference. ICEfaces is also tightly integrated with Glassfish and other application servers so your deployment environment remains unchanged.

Once you understand the basic approach to porting from Woodstock to ICEfaces you can begin to look into the specific component-by-component details required to port your application pages. The Component Migration Matrix provides a mapping of Woodstock components to ICEfaces components, with a detailed attribute comparison and additional porting guidance.

What Is Coming Soon?

The efforts to provide complete migration support from Woodstock to ICEfaces are ongoing, so you can expect additional capabilities with subsequent ICEfaces releases. To aid in your migration planning a high-level roadmap for planned migration features is provided here.

ICEfaces 1.7.2SP1 - Available Now

ICEfaces 1.8

ICEfaces 2.0

Need More Help?

The ICEfaces team is committed to helping members of the Woodstock community migrate to ICEfaces. A wealth of online resources for ICEfaces are available to registered community members, including: