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ICEmobile Components

Components for Rich Mobile Web Applications!

The ICEmobile Component Suite provides all the UI controls you need to build mobile applications that deliver a native device user experience across a wide spectrum of mobile device types.

HTML5 Mobile Development

Native Look and Feel

ICEmobile components detect the device browser and automatically adapt to provide a native look and feel appropriate for the device. Device-specific CSS allows you to tailor your rich mobile web applications precisely to your desired look and feel for each supported mobile device type.

Rich User Interface Design

HTML5 Components

ICEmobile components leverage HTML5/CSS3 features implemented in modern mobile browsers. The suite incorporates a wide spectrum of HTML5 mobile development controls including input, multimedia, geolocation, and layout controls for rich user interface design.

Rich Mobile Web Applications

Native Components

ICEmobile components provide access to device capabilities beyond what is supported in standard HTML5 mobile development. Working in conjunction with the ICEmobile Containers, native components provide access to device capabilities like camera, camcorder and microphone to deliver a seamless rich user interface design.

A growing suite:

The ICEmobile Component Suite is continually growing, with new components introduced every release. The current suite includes:

  • Layout and Navigation: Accordion, Carousel, Device Themes, Fieldset, Lists, ContentPane, ContentStack, PagePanel, Panel Confirmation, Panel Popup, Submit Notification, TabSet, ViewSelector
  • Input and Selection: Buttons, Flip Switch, Geolocation, HTML5 Input, Time Spinner, Date Spinner, QR code generator, MenuButton
  • Media: Audio, Image, Video
  • Native: AugmentedReality, Camcorder, Camera, Microphone, Thumbnail, QR code reader, iOS Surf Expander

Try Them Out

The best way to understand what the ICEmobile Component Suite provides for your rich mobile web applications is to try them out for yourself. Check out the ICEmobile demos to see all the components in action. In particular, the Mobile Showcase provides working examples of all the HTML5 mobile development components, along with documentation and other resources to get you developing rich user interface designs for mobile devices quickly.