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Hybrid - ICEmobile Containers

All the benefits of a hybrid mobile app, without having to write one!

ICEmobile Containers are native mobile applications that install directly on a mobile device or device emulator, and provide a web container with integration to device capabilities that are not available through standard mobile HTML 5 markup. Native controls from the ICEmobile universal mobile controls work in conjunction with the containers to enable hybrid mobile application development using pure web-based techniques, eliminating the need for native mobile applications development. You write a mobile rich Internet application, which accesses device capabilities, such as Camera and Microphone, through standard JavaScript APIs provided by the containers. All the device-specific integration is hidden in the container implementations, allowing you to focus on web-based development. ICEmobile Containers are available for the following mobile platforms:

Container Architecture

The basic architecture of device containers is illustrated below.

Create Hybrid Mobile Apps Using Containers

The major components of the architecture include:

Application Development Model

Device containers provide the native features of a hybrid mobile app, enabling you to write a mobile rich Internet application in pure Java. Leverage mobile HTML 5 and standard web-based development techniques to produce applications that rival any native application. You get the advanced feature set of a native application, but only have to write it once, instead of once for each mobile platform you intend to support.

Native controls from ICEmobile’s suite of universal mobile controls provide direct access to the containers’ native features using either JSF or JSP tags. Simply add a native tag to your page, and when accessed through a container, the web control will activate the native feature. Native controls are also well behaved in non-container environments, providing alternate functionality when native interfaces are not available. For instance, a camera control will render a file upload selector on a desktop browser, allowing the user to select an image instead of activating the camera. This ensures that your hybrid applications will function in any environment that they are accessed from.

Container Branding and Configuration

The stock ICEmobile Containers included in the ICEmobile download are suitable for development, and provide several convenient features to the developer, such as configuring the URL, reloading pages, and URL history. The containers are also branded as ICEmobile containers, which may not be suitable for your particular requirements, so you will probably want to configure and brand the containers specifically for your application.

The means by which you configure and brand containers varies between different mobile platforms, but there are a few aspects of the container that you can easily adjust to create a container that matches your requirements.

When branded, your hybrid mobile app will be indistinguishable from a native implementation.

Installing the Development Container

Install an ICEmobile Development Container on your device by selecting the appropriate link below.

Installing the ICEmobile Container via App Store

ICEmobile containers are necessary for web-based ICEmobile apps to access native device features. Sample containers can be easily installed onto most major smart phone devices via their respective app stores: