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ICEmobile JSF/ICEfaces Integration

A Revolutionary Mobile Enterprise Application Platform for JSF Development.

ICEmobile's JSF integration is based on the ICEfaces Framework, and as such inherits all the benefits of that framework. In particular Direct-2-DOM Rendering, and Automatic Ajax simplify application development, and Ajax Push brings real time web collaboration to your mobile applications. The basic architecture of an ICEmobile JSF application is illustrated below.

ICEmobile JSF Architecture Diagram

Major elements of ICEmobile's JSF integration include:

JSF: The JSF 2 framework provides the Java EE standards-based foundation.

ICEfaces: The ICEfaces 3 framework extends JSF in key ways that improve developer efficiency, and extend the JSF feature set. Learn more…

ICEpush: Ajax Push capabilities in ICEfaces are based on the notification mechanism provided by the ICEpush core, which has been augmented with mobile-specific capabilities, including:

Learn More...

ICEmobile Component Library: The ICEmobile universal web controls are packaged JSF components that leverage automatic device detection and theming to ensure they match the look, feel and capabilities of the client device. A wide range of components are available including:

You can try all the components for yourself in the ICEmobile JSF/ICEfaces Showcase Demo.

Device Containers: The ICEmobile Containers extend the capabilities of the mobile browser to include native features not available through standard HTML5 page markup. The ICEmobile native controls detect the presence of a container, and leverage the container's JavaScript to native interfaces to expose native device capabilities within the JSF application. Learn more…