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ICEmobile Overview

ICEmobile is the easiest and most cost effective way for companies to mobilize Java EE web applications. With ICEmobile, you build web applications that look, feel, and behave like native applications on any of the World's most popular mobile devices. As business needs evolve, you can easily add advanced hybrid capabilities to your applications - taking them beyond the boundaries of HTML5. ICEmobile delivers all these features in a true cross-platform environment, so you can satisfy your BYOD requirements using a "Write Once" methodology, saving time and money along the way.

Native Look and Feel
ICEmobile applications look and feel like native mobile applications. Automated device detection and theming ensure that your mobile UIs match the look and feel of the devices accessing them.

Universal Web Controls
ICEmobile's suite of mobile web controls provide everything you need to build mobile UIs, including layout and navigation, input, media, and native controls. The controls automatically adapt to the look, feel and capabilities of the devices they run on. Find out more...

ICEmobile's Ajax Push capabilities enable spontaneous, server-initiated page updates, and foster enterprise-wide, collaborative applications.

ICEmobile produces device-optimized markup for each client type accessing the application. A single mobile UI adapts automatically to all platform variants, including smartphones, tablets and desktops

Beyond HTML5
ICEmobile provides access to native device capabilities, like camera and microphone, that are simply not accessible with standard HTML5. ICEmobile's native web controls provide access directly from the web application.

Native Containers
ICEmobile Containers are native applications that extend browser capabilities with native features, enabling access directly from a web page using the ICEmobile native web controls. The containers can be customized and branded for private or public distribution using the various app stores.

ICEmobile Containers are available for all major mobile platforms. Pure web-based techniques are used to access the native features, so a single hybrid web application will function seamlessly across all supported platforms.

No Native Development
ICEmobile's containers and native web controls provide access to native features right from the web application. You don't need to do any native development to get hybrid capabilities.

More on ICEmobile Hybrid Capabilities.

Beyond the Web
ICEmobile's Cloud Push mechanism extends beyond the web, enable instantaneous notification through alternate cloud-based transports whenever users are not actively engaged with the application.

Time-critical Alerts
There are some things that your users just need to know. Cloud Push can use email, SMS, or other device-based alerts like status bars, ring tones, or vibrations to get their attention in a timely fashion.

Cloud Push supports a wide range of generic and platform-specific notification systems. ICEmobile's Ajax Push mechanism automatically switches to the appropriate alternate transport whenever clients go inactive.

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ICEmobile adheres to the Java EE standards, aligning seamlessly with exiting Java EE-based applications and infrastructure. ICEmobile inherits the trusted Java EE security architecture, and supports JSF, JSP, and Spring MVC development.

ICEmobile applications are standard Java EE web applications that automatically adopt the look and feel of devices they are accessed from, delivering a true mobile user experience. You write a single application that is deployed and managed from your Java application server of choice.

Maximize Reuse
Reuse all your existing Java EE infrastructure from persistence, to data access, and security. Simply add ICEmobile pages to your existing web applications and start mobilize them today.

Minimize Learning Curve
All your existing Java EE tools, best practices, and developer skills can be applied directly to ICEmobile development, drastically reducing the learning curve. Match the native mobile user experience without any native development.