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Universal Mobile Web Controls

ICEmobile's suite of universal mobile web controls contains everything you need to build mobile UI's, including:

  • Layout and Navigation controls that simplify mobile UI layouts, and give you a variety of ways to present and navigate content. Familiar controls like accordion, stack, list, menu, and tabbed view are all supported, alongside a wide range of other controls. Adaptive page layouts automatically adjust to different classes of devices, from desktops and tablets, to smartphones, so you can design pages that are automatically optimized for different form factors.
  • Dynamic Input and Selection controls that interactively collect data from the user, including button, date/time spinner, flip-switch, and geolocation, to name a few. HTML5 input types are leveraged wherever they are supported, with JavaScript controls substituted on platforms where they are not.
  • Media Output controls that support multimedia playback, adaptively leveraging HTML5 embedded audio and video tags where supported.
  • Native controls that provide access to device features like the camera and microphone. These controls work in conjunction with the ICEmobile Containers to provide cross-platform hybrid capabilities right from your web applications.

Java EE Compliant

The Universal Mobile Web Controls are offered in both JSP and JSF tag libraries, supporting of standard's-based development of mobile UIs, using declarative techniques. For JSF implementations, ICEmobile is integrated with ICEfaces, inheriting important features like Automatic Ajax, which further simplifies the development of your application. For JSP implementations, ICEmobile provides complete integration with Spring MVC, and various Ajax techniques for page update management. All your existing Java EE tools, best practices, and expertise can be applied directly to your mobile development. Learn more about ICEmobile's Java EE integration...

Optimized, Cross-platform Performance

The Universal Mobile Web Controls automatically adapt to the clients accessing them, delivering device-specific styling and optimized markup for each supported device type. Central to this is a device detection and rendering mechanism that serves the appropriated CSS resources, and optimizes the markup of each control to match the capabilities and idiosyncrasies of each device type. As illustrated below, you write a single, device-independent page declaration in either JSP or JSF, and ICEmobile transforms that into optimized, device-specific markup and styling.

Universal Web Controls

ThemeRoller-based CSS

The Universal Mobile Web Controls use ThemeRoller-complient CSS themes, and ICEmobile provides default themes that match the native look of all supported platforms. You can use these themes as provided, or you can customize them using the ThemeRoller tools to align with your own branding.

Seeing is Believing

Check out all the Universal Mobile Web Controls in action in the ICEmobile demos.

JSP/Spring MVC