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Deployment Scenarios

ICEpdf can be used in a multitude of different ways.

Java Client Deployment

ICEpdf can be deployed to practically any Java enabled workstation (J2SE or J2EE JVM, v1.5.0 or greater) to render PDF files, much like Adobe Reader©. Instead of relying on a third party application, ICEpdf can be entirely embedded and customized within your Java application. This provides ultimate flexibility, control, and branding when integrating PDF rendering capabilities. ICEpdf also provides a rich toolset for creating, editing and deleting many types of annotations as well as providing tools to keep track of comment revisions. Furthermore, ICEpdf is fully deployable using standard Java mechanisms such as an Applet, or Java Web Start (JWS).

See the ICEpdf Viewer Demo.

Java Headless Deployment

ICEpdf can be deployed on a server side headless environment and incorporated into a variety of workflows. The ICEpdf API can be used to extract text and images, convert PDF pages to TIFF or used as a print engine for PDF documents. ICEpdf advanced search API can also be used in combination with the Annotation API to automatically create annotations from the search results.

Java PDF Servlet Deployment

ICEpdf can be deployed as a Java PDF servlet on any Java application server to render PDF files. On the server, ICEpdf acts as a Java EE PDF engine rendering requested files server-side in headless mode. ICEpdf can then extract desired data in the PDF file, and hand it over to another business process server-side. Alternatively, ICEpdf can then be configured to convert the rendered PDF file to a specified image format (jpg, gif, png) so the results can be served in the form of a standard web page.

View the ICEpdf - Java PDF Servlet Demo.