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ICEpdf Features and Benefits

Open Source Java PDF Reader

Java PDF Reader

ICEpdf is open source under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Sponsored by ICEsoft Technologies Inc., ICEpdf is backed by a team of developers and support engineers that are committed to product and support excellence. Take advantage of the ICEpdf community resources available to you: developer forums, documentation, sample code, and more.

PDF Annotations

ICEpdf is capable of displaying, adding, editing, and removing annotations in any PDF document. These annotation types are supported: Button Fields, Text Fields, Choice Fields, Text, Text-Markup, Link, Line, Arrow, Square, Circle, Ink/Draw, FreeText, and Popup Annotations with support for review and reply to.

Customization and Control

Java PDF Viewer Customization

With ICEpdf, your application remains in control of your documents. You can expose only the User Interface (UI) that is required and enforce actions, access, and security protocols based on any criteria implemented by your system or application. PDF your way!

Robust and Secure PDF Engine.

At the heart of ICEpdf is a memory efficient, lightweight Java PDF reader engine that has been deployed by thousands of companies around the globe. Furthermore, ICEpdf adheres to the Adobe Standard Security for password-protected documents (40 and 128 bit RC4).

PDF Extraction and Conversion

ICEpdf is an ideal Java PDF reader technology for the conversion and extraction of PDF content. Extract text, metadata, images, etc. Handoff to another business process, or easily configure ICEpdf to convert PDF content to a different file format: TIFF, PNG, GIFF, JPG, SVG and TXT, and more.

Java PDF Portability and Flexibility

Java PDF Portability

ICEpdf is 100% Java-based so it can be easily integrated within any Java application across a wide variety of operating systems. Refer to the ICEpdf Supported platforms page. Additionally, ICEpdf can be deployed in many different ways: Applet, Java Web Start, Swing, SWT, Java EE server, and more.

Java PDF Viewer Reference Implementation (RI)

ICEpdf Viewer Toolbar

ICEpdf can be used as a standalone Java PDF Viewer application. ICEpdf Java Viewer provides:

  • Acrobat-like GUI and features in a Java PDF viewer: Zoom in/out, rotate, next/prev page, fit to window/width/actual size, pan, dynamic zoom, marque zoom.
  • Multipage view support; continuous and side-by-side view types.
  • Utility pane supports Outlines (bookmarks), layers, thumbnails and annotations tools.
  • Print, Print Setup.
  • Search result text highlighting and results summary.
  • Document Information and Permissions dialogs.
  • Annotation creation tools: highlight, underline, strikeout, line, line arrow, square, circle, ink, free text, comments and popup.
  • Keyboard shortcuts, mouse-wheel scrolling and zoom, and drag and drop.