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ICEpdf Overview

The Leading Open Source Java PDF Engine!

Java Adobe PDF Engine

ICEpdf is an open source PDF engine for viewing, printing, and annotating PDF documents. The ICEpdf API is 100% Java, lightweight, fast, efficient, and very easy to use.

ICEpdf can be used as standalone open source Java PDF viewer, or can be easily embedded in any Java application to seamlessly load or capture PDF documents. Beyond PDF document rendering, ICEpdf is extremely versatile, and can be used in a multitude of innovative ways, including:

  • PDF to image conversion
  • PDF annotation (see below)
  • PDF Interactive Forms
  • PDF text and/or image extraction
  • PDF search
  • PDF printing

Java PDF Annotations

ICEpdf is packaged with a rich set of annotation creation tools that allow users to quickly add, edit, and delete many different types of annotations. The ICEpdf viewer implementation comes complete with a WYSIWYG editor for the following annotations types:

  • Interactive Form widgets (AcroForm)
  • Text Markup Annotations (highlight, underline and strikeout)
  • Text annotations
  • Link annotations
  • Line and line arrow annotations
  • Square and Circle Annotations
  • Ink annotations
  • FreeText Annotations
  • Popup Annotations with support for review and reply to.

Java Adobe PDF Compliance

ICEpdf is capable of rendering PDFs up to version 1.7. Refer to this Java Adobe PDF compliance list for compete details.

Download this open source Java PDF software library, and start adding PDF capabilities to your Java applications today!