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Woodstock to ICEfaces Component Migration Matrix

The table below provides a component by component mapping from Woodstock to ICEfaces. For components with direct ICEfaces replacements you can drill down to get a detailed attribute comparison and other porting considerations. For components with no direct ICEfaces replacements you can drill down to get a detailed discussion on how to achieve similar capabilities with one or more ICEfaces components in combination. Missing detail pages in this table will be updated as Woodstock to ICEfaces migration support evolves.

The ICEfaces Component Suite also provides a number of additional components, features, and effects not available in Woodstock today. For an overview of the ICEfaces Component Suite, see the Component Showcase demo.

Woodstock ICEfaces Details
Label webuijsf:label ice:outputLabel Details
Static Text webuijsf:staticText ice:outputText Details
Text Field webuijsf:textField ice:inputText Details
Text Area webuijsf:textArea ice:inputTextArea Details
Editable Field webuijsf:editableField none Coming Soon
Editable List webuijsf:editableList none Details
Button webuijsf:button ice:commandButton Details
Hyperlink webuijsf:hyperlink ice:commandLink Details
Image Hyperlink webuijsf:imageHyperlink ice:commandButton type=image Details
Drop Down List webuijsf:dropDown ice:selectManyMenu Details
Listbox webuijsf:listbox ice:selectManyListbox Details
Orderable List webuijsf:orderableList none Details
Checkbox webuijsf:checkbox ice:selectBooleanCheckbox Details
Checkbox Group webuijsf:checkboxGroup ice:selectManyCheckbox Details
Radio Button webuijsf:radioButton ice:radio Details
Radio Button Group webuijsf:radioButtonGroup ice:selectOneRadio Details
Image webuijsf:image ice:graphicImage Details
Table webuijsf:table ice:dataTable Details
Table Column webuijsf:tableColumn ice:column Details
Table Row Group webuijsf:tableRowGroup none Coming Soon
Password Field webuijsf:passwordField ice:inputSecret Details
Hidden Field webuijsf:hiddenField ice:inputHidden Details
Calendar webuijsf:calendar ice:selectInputDate Details
Scheduler webuijsf:scheduler none Coming Soon
File Upload webuijsf:upload ice:inputFile Details
File Chooser webuijsf:fileChooser none Coming Soon
Tree webuijsf:tree ice:tree Details
Tree Node webuijsf:treeNode ice:treeNode Details
Anchor webuijsf:anchor ice:outputLink Details
HTML webuijsf:html ice:outputHtml Details
Message webuijsf:message ice:message Details
Message Group webuijsf:messageGroup ice:messages Details
Help Window webuijsf:helpWindow none Coming Soon
Head webuijsf:head ice:outputHead Details
Body webuijsf:body ice:outputBody Details
Page Title webuijsf:contentPageTitle none Coming Soon
Progress Bar webuijsf:progressBar ice:outputProgress Details
Grid Panel h:panelGrid ice:panelGrid Details
Group Panel webuijsf:panelGroup ice:panelGroup Details
Layout Panel webuijsf:panelLayout ice:panelLayout Details
DND Container webuijsf:dndContainer ice:panelGroup + draggable Details
Mast Footer webuijsf:mastFooter none Coming Soon
Mast Head webuijsf:masthead none Coming Soon
Page Separator webuijsf:pageSeparator none Details
Frame webuijsf:frame none Coming Soon
Frame Set webuijsf:frameSet none Coming Soon
Tab Set webuijsf:tabSet ice:panelTabSet Details
Tab webuijsf:tab ice:panelTab Details
Page Fragment Box jsp:directive.include jsp:directive.include -
Page Alert webuijsf:pageAlert Similar to ice:panelPopup Details
Property Sheet webuijsf:propertySheet none Coming Soon
Property Sheet Section webuijsf:propertySheetSection none Coming Soon
Property webuijsf:property none Coming Soon
Form webuijsf:form ice:form Details
Accordion webuijsf:accordion ice:panelCollapsible Details
Accordion Tab webuijsf:accordionTab Use multiple ice:panelCollapsible Coming Soon
Alert webuijsf:alert Similar to ice:panelPopup Details
Alarm webuijsf:alarm none Coming Soon
Alarm Status webuijsf:alarmStatus none Coming Soon
Add Remove webuijsf:addRemove seems like ice:panelPosition can be used to get smiliar result Coming Soon
Breadcrumbs webuijsf:breadcrumbs none Coming Soon
Inline Help webuijsf:helpInline ice:panelPosition Coming Soon
Common Task Selection webuijsf:commonTasksSection none Coming Soon
Common Task Group webuijsf:commonTasksGroup none Coming Soon
Common Task webuijsf:commonTask none Coming Soon
Bubble Help webuijsf:bubble ice:panelTooltip Details
Login webuijsf:login none Coming Soon
Menu webuijsf:menu ice:menu/ice:popupMenu Details
Wizard webuijsf:wizard none Coming Soon
Wizard Branch webuijsf:wizardBranch none Coming Soon
Wizard Branch Steps webuijsf:wizardBranchSteps none Coming Soon
Wizard Step webuijsf:wizardStep none Coming Soon
Wizard Substep Branch webuijsf:wizardSubstepBranch none Coming Soon
Iframe webuijsf:iframe none Coming Soon
Job Status webuijsf:jobStatus none Coming Soon
Legend webuijsf:legend none Coming Soon
Markup webuijsf:markup none Coming Soon
Meta webuijsf:meta none Coming Soon
Notification Phrase webuijsf:notificationPhrase none Coming Soon
Page webuijsf:page none Coming Soon
Rating webuijsf:rating none Coming Soon
Script webuijsf:script none Coming Soon
Skip Hyperlink webuijsf:skipHyperlink none Coming Soon
Theme Links webuijsf:themeLinks none Coming Soon
Time Stamp webuijsf:timeStamp none Coming Soon
Version Page webuijsf:versionPage none Coming Soon