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Professional Services (ICEmobile)

Need assistance with your enterprise mobile application development?

ICEsoft provides worldwide professional services that can assist you in building a new class of rich web applications for both desktop and mobile enterprise environments. ICEsoft service consultants deliver outstanding value and are capable of addressing every aspect of your project lifecycle. Our Professional Services include:

Mobile Web Application Development Services

Consulting Services

Our services teams are ready to deliver remote or on-site development assistance for both short and long-term mobile web application development engagements. Our engineers can take on stand-alone deliverables or augment your existing team to help you meet larger application deliverables. Alternatively, if you'd rather have us manage and run a full project, we can do that too. Our teams have considerable experience and can to undertake partial or full-scale enterprise mobile application development in a turnkey fashion.

Custom Component Development

Our Custom Component Development Services are designed to meet the needs of our ICEfaces / ICEmobile customers. We realize that in addition to the rich component suites available as part of the products, additional component functionality maybe required for unique enterprise mobile application development. Our team of component design experts is available to work with you to develop new custom components and component functionality specific to your mobile web application development needs.

Mobility Solutions

Let our team of experts assist you in developing and deploying web based applications for the mobile enterprise. If you have an existing desktop based application and you are looking to extend it into the mobile environment, we can help there as well. With ICEmobile, our services engineers can help you reach your mobility goals in as quick and cost effective manner as possible. We can assist with all aspects of your mobile application life cycle from initial web application design through customization and handset provisioning via industry "app stores". Get us involved in your mobile web application development and you'll be happy you did.

Performance Optimization

As your application moves closer to production, questions around performance, scalability, testability, and security are bound to arise. ICEsoft consultants have extensive experience in load testing and optimizing applications to ensure your applications are sufficiently provisioned and you get the most out of your hardware infrastructure. They are experts at identifying performance bottlenecks and security risks, and can advise you on how to tackle them, or fix them for you.

Architectural Review & Best Practices

ICEsoft's Application Review & Best Practices Service is a consultative engagement where highly qualified ICEsoft consultants will conduct a thorough review of your ICEfaces and/or ICEmobile application. Our team of experts will provide you with feedback pertaining to code optimizations and deployment configurations that will improve your applications performance, stability and maintainability. Enterprise mobile application development is easy with ICEfaces, ICEmobile and our team of experts.

Proof of Concept Development

Proof of Concept Development Services are typically short term engagements designed for organizations looking to fully leverage the experience and expertise of ICEsoft services engineers to help design and prototype your next generation rich web application using ICEmobile.

Our engagements range from working with start-ups to some of the largest enterprises in the world. We know we can help you too. If you have any questions, or wish to make an inquiry, please contact us.