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ICEfaces EE Subscriptions & Support

ICEfaces EE Subscriptions include:

ICEfaces EE Application Subscriptions (per Application):
ICEfaces EE Application Subscriptions are sold per application per year. All Subscriptions provide use of the ICEfaces EE certified software and include access to professional support during development, testing, and production. ICEfaces EE is tested against a wide variety of open source and commercial enterprise Java technologies so rest assured that our support team will be there to assist you when you need it.

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ICEfaces EE Corporate Subscriptions (Multiple Applications): More and more ICEsoft customers are deploying multiple ICEfaces applications across a complex matrix of Java EE environments and application servers. ICEfaces EE Corporate Subscriptions are extremely versatile, flexible and cost effective for three ICEfaces EE projects or more.

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ICEtime Subscriptions: ICEtime is a flexible alternative to the ICEfaces EE Subscriptions mentioned above. ICEtime allows you to prepay expert time that can be applied towards whatever service you need:

ICEtime can also be applied towards any ICEsoft product (ICEfaces, ICEmobile, ICEpdf) open source, and commercial.

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