Creating New NetBeans Project without Plugin by creating Libraries

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Creating New NetBeans Project without Plugin by creating Libraries:-

Development Tools Used

The following tools are used in this tutorial. Note that Netbeans 8 and Tomcat 8 require Java7:

  • Netbeans IDE for Java EE Developers
  • Tomcat 8.x Web Server
  • Java7.x

    Download ICEfaces 4

  • ICEfaces downloads Download ICEfaces 4.0.0

    Create Netbeans Libraries

    You will want to group create your Netbeans ICEfaces libraries based on your project requirements. This tutorial has grouped the icefaces.jar with the icefaces-ace.jar, and left icefaces-mobi.jar and icepush.jar in their own defined library. If you know you are going to want the mobile components without ace, then you would include the icefaces.jar with the icefaces-mobi.jar. If you are unsure, then you may want to have separate libraries for each of the 4 jars. Both icefaces-mobi.jar and icefaces-ace.jar require icefaces.jar.
    Start up Netbeans, then choose Tools and then Libraries:-

    Name the libraries by with their release version included:

    As mentioned above, this tutorial grouped the ace component jar with the icefaces jar (but you could group the mobi component jar and icepush jar into a single group, rather than breaking them up as we are doing here):

    The icepush.jar can be used separately (even without the icefaces.jar), so if this is your use-case, you can put it in it's own library definition:-

    The icemobile jar is defined in it's own library for now, but it can be used with the ICEfaces-4.0.0 library quite easily. (ICEpush-4.0.0, ICEfaces-4.0.0 and ICEmobile-4.0.0 defined libraries as shown here can all be added to your project).

Now that the libraries are defined, you can use them in creating a new Netbeans Project

Add jsf framework, and ICEFaces library.

Check the release notes of the particular ICEfaces bundle you have downloaded to determine which versions are supported. Reviewing ICEfaces-4.0.0-RC1 release notes indicates Mojarra 2.2.7 is supported, so that would be the version we will include in this project. This matches what NetBeans 8 is considering the jsf 2.2 library, but if you are updating libraries, you may need to create an additional JSF library.
Here is the link to the release notes page, to be used for 4.0.0 and any future releases.

Step 5. Remove any reference to compat components (ice namespace). Open welcomeIcefaces.xhtml and remove the highlighted (some are commented out) lines as the following image:-

Step 6. Run it!

Click on the 'ICEfaces Welcome Page' link to view the welcomeToIcefaces.jsf page

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