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Name: org.icefaces.coalesceResources
Values: true|false
Since: 3.3
Scope: application
Application Scope

Setting org.icefaces.coalesceResources to true indicates to the ICEfaces core framework that the resources required by the rendered components are to be coalesced. The coalescing is applied to Javascript and CSS resources resulting into two separate resources, one for the coalesced Javascript and the other for the coalesced CSS. By reducing the numbers of requests made by the browser the page load time will improve significantly.

The feature uses the Resource dependencies metadata to coalesce the resources in the correct order.
Any request issued after the first GET request (for the user session) that changes the type and number of required resources will trigger only the loading of the newly required resources. This behaviour avoids the continuous reloading of the coalesced resource, every time the set of required resources has changed.

mandatoryResourceConfiguration can be used to pre-define the resources that are needed right away (on session start). This way the application can be configured to deterministically coalesce the resources that are known to be used most of the time.

The default value for the parameter used to enable/disable the coalescing is false.

Note that the coalesceResources feature requires cookies to be enabled in the browser to function.
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