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Name: org.icefaces.sessionTimeoutRedirectURI
Values: null|valid URI to redirect page
Since: EE 4.1.0.GA, EE 3.3.0.GA_P04, 4.2
Scope: application
Application Scope

Setting org.icefaces.sessionTimeoutRedirectURII to a valid URI tells ICEfaces that when the user session expires due to user inactivity, that the client is to be redirected to the specified page.  When using ICEpush, or <icecore:refresh>, the user will be redirected automatically on session expiry.  Otherwise, they will be redirected on the next request after session expiry.

The difference between the "sessionExpiredRedirectURI" context parameter and this one is that the "sessionExpiredRedirectURI" will redirect whenever a user's session expires, either by a inactivity timeout or programmatically (user logout). The "sessionTimeoutRedirectURI" parameter will only redirect on session inactivity timeout, providing a way for applications to easily route users to different pages depending on whether they actively logged-out vs. having their session expire due to inactivity.
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