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The contentPane component is the basis for layout components in icemobile. The tabSet, accordion and contentStack components all make use of this versatile component. An optional ContentPaneHandler may be used.

This component manages it's own content with the use of two attributes. The "client" attribute determines whether the rendered markup is kept on the client/browser to eliminate the round trip of updating this information. The developer has the opportunity to place static data with a client="true" attribute allowing rapid change of content within a layout component. Any pane of content requiring updates from the server, will require client="false" (the default).
The "facelet attribute makes use of a special tagHandler unique to icemobile. The potential for a large number of contentPanes within a contentStack, tabSet or even accordion component, could bring the outcome of a very large server side component tree with multiple users. For this reason, the facelet attribute will allow developers to not include the children of the contentPane in the server-side component tree, potentially optimizing the application scalability.


  • Simple usage:- Example with contentStack as parent.
<mobi:contentStack id="stackOne" currentId="#{bean.selectedId}">
      <mobi:contentPane id="pane1" client="true">
         <h:panelGroup id="staticHomePane">
             <!-- static menu links -->
             <ui:include src="includes/menu.xhtml"/>
      <mobi:contentPane id="pane2">
            <h:graphicImage value="#{item.imageUrl}"
            <span style="#{}">#{item.title}</span>
      <mobi:contentPane id="pane3" facelet="true">
            <!-- large dataTable rarely used -->
            <ui:include src="includes/table.xhtml"/>
  • The exact same arrangement of contentPane's may be used as children for a tabSet or accordion component.

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