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This component will make use of the <html5> img tag and the jsf properties listed below. Similar to <h:graphicImage> with the added ability to use a byte[] as a source via value-binding to the component.

  1. To use this component, first the mobility tag-lib namespace has to be added in your page:-
    <html ... xmlns:mobi="">

For the proper theming based upon device, include the


markup in the head of your template or facelet page.

Then the following two use-cases are the most common:-

  • Static source
<mobi:graphicImage id="imgFile" value="#{imageBean.pathToFile}" 
   width="94" height="144" alt="picture on vacation"/>
  • byte array loaded in session scope
<mobi:graphicImage id="bytes" value="#{imageBean.fileInBytes}" 
   dir="LTR" scope="session"/>

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