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This tutorial explains how to build and install the Blackberry container from the source code bundle as well as how to install the ICEmobileContainer application from the Blackberry AppStore.


The Blackberry container is built in an Eclipse environment with a Blackberry Java development plugin installed. Installation instructions and the download can be found here: **


When installing the Eclipse editor, you will be prompted for the location of the Eclipse workspace, the overarching directory that will contain individual project directories.

1) Create a directory ICEmobileContainer in the workspace.

2) Download the ICEmobileContainer bundle and expand the client/blackberry/container directory from the bundle into the ICEmobileContainer directory.

3) Under the File menu, select Import..., and then Existing Projects into Workspace.Select Next >.

4) Leave the radio button on the default (Select root directory:) and Browse to the existing ICEmobileDirectory. Click OK.

5) The Projects box should find ICEmobileContainer, select Finish.

Once the project is imported, if Eclipse is using the default properties, the target should be built automatically.


There are several ways to run the simulator. One way is to right-click on the project, and select Run As -> Blackberry Simulator.

There are several features that are disabled or operate differently from a real device: 

- Simulator operation is extremely slow, even on fast desktop computers.

- Camera simulation is done through the simulator Simulate->Camera Image... menu entry and not done through the container.

- Push operations are disabled. BIS push is not supported for the simulator and email push is not supported. See below.

- Network operations on the simulator are slow and prone to errors. On startup, the simulator may present the popup dialog with the message: Network Unavailable and while this may be true momentarily simply reloading the page should launch the application. There is a known issue with javascript on entering and leaving the application that causes the icePush parking messages to fail. We're working on this for final release. 

ICEmobileContainer logs a number of messages to the device log. To access the log on the simulator, goto the main icon screen on the simulator and from your computer keyboard hold CTRL and press "lglg". That's ell-gee-ell-gee. There are a number of logging applications and you can use the options menu to toggle the filters to remove all but ICEmobileContainer if so desired. Click on any application and in the Filter popup menu, click Toggle Filter, or Hide all types, or Show all types or any combination thereof to achieve a reasonable amount of logging. If any problems are encountered, the log record can be very helpful.

If you wish to install the project on a real phone, you will need to apply to RIM for a set of signing keys. Information and the application form can be found here. Once these keys are installed in Eclipse, execution of the project is a two step operation:

1) Right click on the ICEmobileContainer  and select Blackberry -> Sign with Signature Tool...

2) Right click on the ICEmobileContainer and select Blackberry -> Load Project(s) on Device

Note that the physical device must be attached to the development machine.

You may debug the application in either the simulator or on a physical device. I have found debugging on the device to be less useful as the debugger often is unable to display the value of variables in the VM.

Installing on a Device from RIM App World

To install the application from RIM App World, navigate to the App World -> Categories.

- Select Apps

- Select Business

- Select Business Tools

- Search for, or scroll to ICEmobileContainer. Select Install (or Reinstall).

- Login with your Blackberry ID.

- Once the application has downloaded, select the icon from the main menu.

General Operation

The ICEmobileContainer application will load the web page known as the HOME_URL on startup. This is a symbolic constant defined in the source of the file in the source bundle where it may freely be changed. For the binary only distribution, the user may change the HOME_URL setting through the options menu.

- Select the Blackberry Options manager (the application icon looks like a wrench)

- Select Third Party Applications

- Select the ICEmobileContainer application entry.

- You may type in a new value for HOME_URL, or select an alternate from recently typed values from the HOME_URL drop down list. You may also click the Load Home URL on Re-entry button to make the container load the new HOME_URL when you revisit the application.

- These values are persisted between restarts and entering/leaving the application, but the only way to make the value persist between container re-installs is to permanently change the value in the source bundle.

There are several menu items available through the menu system from inside the container application as well.

The device log can be accessed on the device by pressing ALT + "lglg" (that's ell+gee+ell+gee). The same filtering options exist on the device as in the simulator, however, if the log is too verbose to read on the physical device, information on how to download the log to a PC can be found here.

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