ICEmobile-Faces 1.0 Release Notes

ICEmobile-Faces 1.0 Release Notes

Feb 13 2012

About This Release

ICEmobile-Faces 1.0 is the first official major release of the ICEfaces-based framework for mobile development. ICEmobile-Faces enables you to build JSF-based web applications that deliver a complete native user experience. Key features include:


These Release Notes include the following sections:


ICEmobile 1.0 is available for download in the following formats:

New Features

This is the first official release, so everything is new.


The ICEmobile component suite provides a comprehensive set of JSF components for developing mobile applications. The components automatically adapt their capabilities and styling to the specific client device they are rendered on. The complete component documentation can be found here.

The components available in this release include:

Layout and Navigation
Input and Selection

Device Containers

ICEmobile device containers provide native integration to device capabilities not available through HTML5. The ICEmobile-Faces native components provide direct access to these capabilities, including:

Furthermore, the device containers proved native integration to device-specific, cloud-based user notification mechanisms.

Device containers are available for Android, iOS, and Blackberry

Two variants of the container are available for iOS: one that conforms to the standard ICEmobile container architecture, which is suitable for enterprise app store publication, and ICEmobile-SX, which is suitable for public app store publication.

Complete container documentation can be found here.

Framework Enhancements

ICEmobile-Faces is based on the ICEfaces and directly benefits from its features. ICEmobile-faces includes enhancements targeted mobile-specific push features. In particular, it supports Cloud Push which can be used to notify users when they are not actively using the web application.

You can learn more about Cloud Push here.


Supported Platforms


This release is based on ICEfaces 3.0 Final, and inherits supported JSF runtimes, browsers, and applications servers from that release. See ICEfaces release notes for details.

Device Containers and Mobile Browsers

Development Tips



to the form. For more advanced Ajax use see [Desktop Portability].

Known Issues




Demo Applications

Mobile Showcase




General issues
Development issues



Open source community support is available at

The ICEmobile community forums are available for questions, comments, or general discussions regarding ICEmobile.