ICEmobile Features


With ICEmobile you can build enterprise-grade, hybrid mobile applications using standard Java EE technologies, tools, and development methodologies. Key features of the platform include:

Mobile Look and Feel

Web applications developed with ICEmobile look and feel like native mobile applications. Central to ICEmobile is automated device detection and theming, so applications automatically adapt their look and feel to match the devices they are being accessed from. ICEmobile provides a suite of universal web controls that automatically adapt to the device type they are render on, producing device-optimized markup for optimal performance on each platform type.

Cross-platform Development

With ICEmobile you develop a single web application that can be accessed seamlessly across a wide spectrum of mobile devices, eliminating the need to develop different native applications for each mobile platform you intend to support.


Mobile devices largely support new web standards like HTML5 and CSS3, and ICEmobile leverages these technologies in the provided web controls and theming. Because HTML5 support is not consistent across all platform vintages, automated device detection enables ICEmobile web controls to tailor their use of HTML5 based on the actual capabilities of the device.

Mobile Push

ICEpush, which is a revolutionary technology that enables real-time, web-based collaboration, is fully integrated with ICEmobile. ICEpush has been augmented with mobile-specific capabilities.

Enterprise Java Standards

ICEmobile is based on enterprise-proven Java EE standards, and as such inherits key reliability and security features of industry-recognized Enterprise Java Platforms. Various web presentation technologies can be used with ICEmobile, including: