ICEmobile 1.3 Release Notes

ICEmobile 1.3 Release Notes

June 12 2013

About This Release

ICEmobile 1.3 delivers a wide spectrum of hybrid mobile features for Java EE development for both JSP and JSF. Some of the key new features and enhancements include:


These Release Notes include the following sections:


ICEmobile 1.3 Beta is available for download in the following formats:

What's New in 1.3?


Improved device detection with the mobiClient implicit variable in both JSF and JSP environments, which exposes the org.icemobile.util.ClientDescriptor api, for easy page-level access.

JSF Components

The following new JSF components are available in this release:

The following JSF components have had new features added:

The following JSF component APIs have changed:

JSP Tags

The following new JSP tags have been added.

The following JSP tags have been removed and no longer used for tabSet tag. Use tabSetPane instead.

The following JSP tags have had new features added:

The following JSP tag APIs have changed:
  - <mobi:tabSet> new markup very similar to jsf component with same attribute names.
  - <mobi:commandButton>, <mobi:commandButtonGroup>, <mobi:menuButton>, <mobi:panelConfirmation>, <mobi:submitNotification> all require application javascript callback for

Device Containers

Spring MVC


Supported Platforms


This release is based on ICEfaces 3.3 Final, and inherits supported JSF runtimes, browsers, and application servers from that release. See ICEfaces release notes for details.

Device Containers and Mobile Browsers

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is supported in two tiers, full support for IE 10, and partial support for IE 8 and 9.

The following are known issues for IE 8:

Development Tips

JSF Components


to the form. For more advanced Ajax use see [Desktop Portability].

Known Issues

JSF Components

JSP Tags



BlackBerry OS 6

General issues
Development issues

BlackBerry OS 10

Sample Applications


Open source community support is available at

The ICEmobile community forums are available for questions, comments, or general discussions regarding ICEmobile.