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 h3. <mobi:viewManager> (as of EE 1.3.1)
 The ViewManager component makes it simple to create a responsive UI that automatically adapts to both small and large views. The ViewManager automatically constructs the UI layout structure for your application, taking care of the header, footer, menus, and submenus. The developer simply has to define the title, the views and which views should be placed in the main menu.
 The ViewManager also supports:
 * client-side view rendering for improved offline-support
 * server-side view rendering
 * view history integration, allowing the user to move back to previous views
 * animated view transitions ( horizontal or vertical slide|fade|flip )
 * splash screen
 * easily customizable header and menu bar styling
 * integrated Font Awesome icons
 * submenus
 * menu dividers
  [Mobile Showcase View Manager Example|]
 h3. Usage
 <mobi:viewManager title="My App"
  barStyle="background-color: green"
  <!-- SPLASH SCREEN -->
  <mobi:view id="splash" splash="true" includeInMenu="false">
  <ui:include src="/WEB-INF/includes/content/splash.xhtml" />
  <!-- Group A Pages -->
  <mobi:view id="pageA" title="Page A" menuIcon="th-list"
  navBarGroup="viewmanager" divider="Group A">
  <ui:include src="/WEB-INF/includes/pageA.xhtml" />
  <mobi:view id="pageA1" title="Page A - 1" menuIcon="book"
  includeInMenu="false" navBarGroup="pageA">
  <ui:include src="/WEB-INF/includes/pageA1.xhtml" />
  <mobi:view id="pageA2" title="Code" menuIcon="code"
  includeInMenu="false" navBarGroup="pageA">
  <ui:include src="/WEB-INF/includes/pageA2.xhtml">
 h3. Component Documentation

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