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 h2. Overview
 _Since 3.0_
 The _ace:columnGroup_ renders a header of footer segment of an HTML table element. Rows are created from [_ace:row_|Row] components with [_ace:column_|Column] children. The most notable feature of using ColumnGroup to define a header or footer over Column facets, is Column rowSpan and colSpan capability.
 {tip}See the ICEfaces Showcase [Live Demo|] of this component, complete with source code.{tip}
 h2. Getting Started
  <ace:columnGroup type="header">
  <ace:column colSpan="2">
  <ace:column rowSpan="2">
 h2. Attributes
 {tip:title=TagLib Documentation}This section covers attributes involved in the typical use-cases for this component. For reference, the complete taglib documentation for this component is available [here|].{tip}
 The *type* attribute defines the segment of the table to render using this ColumnGroup, either 'header' or 'footer'.
 h2. Known Issues
 h2. Other Resources
 h3. Related Components
 * _[DataTable|DataTable]_
 * _[Column|Column]_
 * _[Row|Row]_

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