Augmented Reality

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 h3. Augmented Reality
 The {{<mobi:augmentedReality>}} component is used to display a list of labeled icons on a video overlay positioned so that they correspond to the users line-of-sight. The selected icon returns the label as the value. This can be used to help guide a user to a particular destination or to select from a set of nearby destinations.
 {note}Compass and GPS accuracy may be highly variable.{note}
 [Watch a video of Augmented Reality|]
 h3. Usage
 This component is used in conjunction with the *augmentedRealityLocations* tag to provide the details for each of a set of locations.
 <mobi:augmentedReality id="ar" urlBase="#{realityBean.baseURL}"
  value="#{bean.selectedLocation}" >
  value="#{bean.places}" var="place"
  locationIcon="#{place.iconURL}" />
 The *augmentedRealityMarkers* component may also be used for rendering 3-Dimensional markers in the Augmented Reality view:
 <mobi:augmentedReality buttonLabel="3D Augmented Reality"
  value="#{realityBean.markers}" var="marker"
  markerModel="#{marker.model}" />
  h3. Documentation
  h3. Component Documentation

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