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 h2. {{<mobi:outputList>}}
 Layout Tag useful for presenting a list of content items.
 h3. Usage
 <mobi:outputList id="firstList">
  ICEsoft Ice Sailer
  ICEsoft Icebreaker
  h3. Attributes
 h4. {{<mobi:outputList>}}
 | *id* | Pagewide unique identifier. |
 | *inset* | If true, 'mobi-list-inset' CSS class will be applied to child elements. |
 | *style* | Inline style definition. |
 | *styleClass* | User defined CSS class. |
 h4. {{<mobi:outputListItem>}}
 | *group* | If true, 'mobi-list-item-group' CSS class is applied in conjunction with 'mobi-list-item'. |
  h3. Tag Documentation

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