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 h3. CommandButton
 Currently four types of commandButtons are defined within the mobility component project:
 # default
 # important
 # attention
 # back
 Each of these buttons supports the ability to use Action and ActionListeners, and basic normal JSF button support.
 As of 1.0.0.EE and 1.1.0 releases, this component will also support *panelConfirmation* and *submitNotification* attributes which determine the presence/absence of a panelConfirmation popup and/or a submitNotification component.
 Each is styled for the devices that this project supports to most look and feel like the native buttons on the devices. (use <mobi:deviceStylesheet to have proper css loaded for each device)
 If an Action or ActionListener is required and form submission is not required or desired, then place a singleSubmit="true" attribute on the button and only the button will be submitted to the server, firing the Action/ActionListener's method, with the resulting update. Otherwise, the button will submit the entire form (normal function). This component also has {{<mobi:ajax />}} support
 h3. Usage
 h4. Default button
  <mobi:commandButton value="Submit"/>
 h4. Using single submit
  <mobi:commandButton id="importantOne"
  buttonType="important" value="importantSStrue"
 h4. Using commandButtons with panelConfirmation and submitNotification
  <mobi:commandButton id="importantOne"
  buttonType="important" value="importantSStrue"
 h4. Using commandButton with {{<mobi:ajax>}}
  <mobi:commandButton id="withmobiAjax" value="clickMe">
  <mobi:ajax execute="@this" render="@this" listener="#{bean.listenerMethod}"/>
 Also, see documentation on mobi:ajax for onStart, onComplete, onSuccess callbacks.
 h4. Button Grouping
 Button grouping allows buttons to be styled in grouped fashion. Groupings are often used for buttons bars in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. Grouping orientation can be specified with the orientation attribute.
 <mobi:commandButtonGroup orientation="vertical">
 h3. Documentation

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