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 h4. Opening PDF Files
 You can open a PDF file from the local file system or from a URL.
 h5. To open a local PDF file
 # Launch your ICEpdf application (if it is not already running).
 # Click *File* *>* *Open* *>* *File* (in the menu).
 # In the *Open* dialog box, select a PDF file and click *Open*.
 h5. To open a PDF from a URL
 # Launch ICEpdf.
 # Select *File* *>* *Open* *>* *URL* (in the menu).
 # In the *Open* *URL* dialog box, type the URL of a PDF file in the form
 {{*[]*}} and click *OK*.
 h5. To open Recently View PDF documents
 # Launch your ICEpdf application (if it is not already running).
 # Click *File* *>* *Open Recent Files*.
 # A list of the last eight recently opened files.
 h5. To open a PDF using Drag and Drop
 You can open a PDF file by dragging it from your file system onto the Viewer application window. You can also drag and drop multiple files at once.
 Furthermore, some applications allow you to drag and drop URL text strings. If you drag a URL pointing to a PDF file onto the Viewer application, that file is opened. The text string must contain an {{*[http://|http://*]*}} prefix and a *\*.pdf* reference.
 {note:title=Note}If a file is password protected and security support has been configured, a password dialog is displayed. You have three attempts to enter the correct password, after which an error message is displayed. If the file has other security settings, such as "No Printing", the ICEpdf Viewer respects those settings.
 h5. Opening Multiple PDF Files
 The ICEpdf Viewer implements a Single Document Interface (SDI) for viewing PDF files. Multiple PDF files can be viewed at the same time, each in its own application window. Some MDI functionality has been included in the Window menu, which allows the user to switch between each open Viewer window, minimize all Viewer windows, and bring all Viewer windows to the front.
 An additional ICEpdf Viewer window is opened automatically when you open another PDF file.

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