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 h3. CommandButton
 Currently four types of commandButtons are defined within the mobility component project:
 # default
  Currently five types of commandButtons are defined within the mobility component project:
 # unimportant
 # important
 # attention
 # back
If no type is fined, a default style will be applied.
 Each of these buttons supports the ability to use Action and ActionListeners, and basic normal JSF button support.
 As of 1.0.0.EE and 1.1.0 releases, this component will also support *panelConfirmation* and *submitNotification* attributes which determine the presence/absence of a panelConfirmation popup and/or a submitNotification component.
 Each is styled for the devices that this project supports to most look and feel like the native buttons on the devices. (use <mobi:deviceStylesheet to have proper css loaded for each device)
 If an Action or ActionListener is required and form submission is not required or desired, then place a singleSubmit="true" attribute on the button and only the button will be submitted to the server, firing the Action/ActionListener's method, with the resulting update. Otherwise, the button will submit the entire form (normal function). This component also has {{<mobi:ajax />}} support
 h3. Usage
 h4. Default button
  <mobi:commandButton value="Submit"/>
 h4. Using single submit
  <mobi:commandButton id="importantOne"
  buttonType="important" value="importantSStrue"
 h4. Using commandButtons with panelConfirmation and submitNotification
  <mobi:commandButton id="importantOne"
  buttonType="important" value="importantSStrue"
 h4. Using commandButton with {{<mobi:ajax>}}
  <mobi:commandButton id="withmobiAjax" value="clickMe">
  <mobi:ajax execute="@this" render="@this" listener="#{bean.listenerMethod}"/>
 Also, see documentation on mobi:ajax for onStart, onComplete, onSuccess callbacks.
 h4. Button Grouping
 Button grouping allows buttons to be styled in grouped fashion. Groupings are often used for buttons bars in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. Grouping orientation can be specified with the orientation attribute.
 <mobi:commandButtonGroup orientation="vertical">
 h3. Documentation
  h3. Component Documentation

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