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 *ICEpdf*® is a pure Java PDF document rendering and viewing solution. ICEpdf can parse and render documents based on the latest PDF standards (Portable Document Format v1.6/Adobe® Acrobat® 7) with superior rendering accuracy and performance.
 ICEpdf is designed to support PDF document viewing within Java applications in a manner not possible with the native Acrobat Reader® application.
 Benefits include:
 * Seamless integration with Java client applications, allowing complete control over the configuration, exposed functionality and user interface.
 * A lightweight static and dynamic memory footprint.
 * Easy deployment to any Java platform without the hassles of Java-to-native integration issues.
 ICEpdf supports:
 * *PDF* *Viewing:* ICEpdf can easily be integrated into any Java client application to provide PDF document viewing and navigation in a manner not possible with the Acrobat Reader application. ICEpdf includes an embeddable PDF document viewer component for easy integration within Java client applications. ICEpdf can also be used standalone as an industrial strength PDF Viewer application.
 * *Multipage* *view* *support*: Continuous and side-by-side view types.
 * *Text Selection*: Multi-page text selection tool allows users to select and copy text to the system clipboard. 
 * *Search Highlighting*: Advanced contextual search result and highlighting of found words.
 * *PDF Content Conversion:* Convert rendered PDF pages to other formats, such as images, SVG documents, etc.
 * *PDF Content Extraction:* Extract PDF document meta-data, text, and images.
 * *Annotations:* Create, edit and delete highlight, strikeout, underline, line, line arrow, link, square, circle, free text and text annotations.
 * *Interactive Forms:* Edit AcroForm widgets and print and save the modified PDF data.
  * *Signature Verification:" Verify signed PDF documents and view Certificate and Signature properties.
  * *Signature Verification:* Verify signed PDF documents and view Certificate and Signature properties.
 * *Layers:* support for optional content and dynamic toggling of layer visibility via viewer reference implementation controls.

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