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Welcome to the ICEpush Wiki - home for technical documentation related to the open source ICEpush project, sponsored by ICEsoft.

At the core of ICEpush is a lightweight, web-based, asynchronous notification protocol that enables pushing of real-time dynamic updates to the browser-resident UI. Around this core, a number of integration bundles provide specific capabilities related to specific web development technologies, including both server and client-based technologies.

Technical documentation available here includes:

Notification Protocol Overview: Describes the basics of the notification protocol, and how it integrates with a web application to enable pushing of real-time notifications.
[Java EE Integration Basics]: Describes general Java EE development and configuration considerations related to the Java EE implementation of the ICEpush notification protocol.
This information is relevant to both Java and JavaScript Integration Bundles.
Java Integration Bundles: Provides documentation for specific Java-based technology integration bundles.
JavaScript Integration Bundles: Provides documentation for specific JavaScript-based technology integration bundles.
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