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Gradle can be used to build the ICEpdf core and viewer projects. The project summary is as follows:

Root project

Root project 'icepdf-os'
+--- Project ':core'
|    \--- Project ':core:core-awt' - ICEpdf core library jar project
\--- Project ':viewer'
     \--- Project ':viewer:viewer-awt' - ICEpdf viewer reference implementation project

Build the core jar using the following Gradle command

~$ gradle :core:core-awt:assemble 

Build the viewer jar using the following Gradle command

~$ gradle :viewer:viewer-awt:assemble 

Build the distribution zip and tar archives

# defaultTasks allows for a call to just gradle 
~$ gradle
# or one can use the full task list 
~$ gradle projectReport, sourcesJar, genPomFileForCoreJarPub, genPomFileForViewerJarPub, osDistZip, osDistTar


Version information is stored in the root file and should be updated as needed.

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