Working with Annotations

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Working with Annotations

The Viewer RI is able to display and add / edit / remove annotations from a PDF document. To view, edit, or delete an existing annotation, first use the Annotation Selection Tool to select an existing annotation.

Once an annotation is selected:

  • The Annotation pane of the utility panel will be made visible and the selected annotation will be highlight in the annotation tree.
  • It can be moved via dragging it to a new location on the page with the mouse.
  • Context menu allows for quick access to common annotation tasks.
  • It can be deleted/removed by pressing the }Delete }key, or the Ctrl-D/ Cmd-Dkey (OS X).

Annotation Quick Tool Bar

The annotation quick tool bar is shown on the main ICEpdf toolbar by default. It contains commonly used annotation tools.

  • Annotation Selection Tool
  • Highlight Annotation with quick color selection submenu
  • Text annotation with quick color selection submenu
  • Show annotation panel on document utility pane
  • Show annotation
Annotation Tool Bar

The annotation tool bar is contained within the utility pane "Annotations" and is shown automatically when an annotation is selected.

  • Highlight Annotation Tool
  • Strikeout Annotation Tool
  • Underline Annotation Tool
  • Line Annotation Tool
  • Line Arrow Annotation Tool
  • Square Annotation Tool
  • Circle Annotation Tool
  • Ink Annotation Tool
  • Free Text Annotation Tool
  • Text Annotation Tool
  • Link Annotation Tool
  • Annotation Editing Mode; shows hidden link annotations and destinations.
Annotation Property Pane

To create a new annotation, use the Annotation Tool of choice. With the tool selected, the mouse can be used to draw the Annotation in the desired page location. Once the annotation is selected, the Annotations pane in the Utility Panel can be used to change the default property values.

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