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Checkbox (with sam-style it is rendered as checkbutton:

 ....within form similar to pushbutton above:-

   <h:panelGroup id="overPanel" styleClass="yui-skin-sam">
	    <ann:checkbox id="chkbox" label="button1" 

Additional attributes(same as pushbutton except for):

 Defining the submission behaviour:
 When singleSubmit attribute is true, the checkbox only submits an event request a submit call with execute=@this and render=@all, if false then only the hidden field is updated on the client and some other component must submit the form for the server model side to be updated.

3. Keyboard short-cuts supported by pushbutton:

  • space will toggle the checkbox/checkbutton

 Aria role="button", aria-describedby and aria-disabled properties supported as well as aria-checked.

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