Converting ICEfaces 1.8 Applications to 2.0

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Converting ICEfaces 1.8 Applications to 2.0

With the release of JSF 2.0 and ICEfaces 2.0.x, a common situation arises of porting and converting existing ICEfaces 1.8.x. This tutorial will demonstrate the required steps to convert a legacy application to "compat mode" in ICEfaces 2.0. This means you can still use your existing ice: components and backing beans, but aren't yet taking advantage of 2.0 specific features and benefits. The majority of the converting effort involves configuration files and libraries, so most of your page markup won't need to be significantly changed.

This tutorial assumes the reader has a basic understanding of JSF and ICEfaces, especially creating and working with projects related to those technologies. The focus is not to teach the foundations, but instead to learn about porting applications.

The goal of this tutorial is to examine a real world ICEfaces 1.8.x application. Once we have an understanding of the project we will begin the steps to port the application to ICEfaces 2.0. The application is a slightly modified version of the "jobApplication" used in the ICEfaces Online Training. There is a central form based page that can redirect to two pages based on different outcomes.

Here is the entire list of steps worked through during this tutorial:

  1. [Make the windowScope Project]
  2. [Add ICEfaces]
  3. [Create 3 Beans with Different Scopes]
    • [Create]
    • [Create]
    • [Create]
  4. [Create]
  5. [Create Two Pages]
    • [Create page1.xhtml]
    • [Create page2.xhtml]
  6. [Deploy and Test the Application]
  • [Tutorial Source Code Downloads]

Development Tools Used

The following tools were used to create the project.

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